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Christmas Hamper

Our Christmas-themed hampers make ideal Christmas gifts for friends, family and business colleagues. What could be more enjoyable at Christmas than uncovering the finest gourmet treats exquisitely presented in a gift box or wicker basket? Hampers are enjoyed not only by the individual but also by families over the festive period. December is our peak season, please remember to order early for Christmas to avoid any delay and disappointment. Why choose Hong Kong Flower Shop? Our hampers are the best in the business, and we select only the finest food products and memorable gift. Our hampers are assembled freshly everyday according to strict procedures to ensure the highest quality is consistently met. Christmas Hamper include Christmas cake, assorted chocolate, candies, biscuits, cookies, nuts etc. and decorate with Christmas stuff to have more Christmas atmosphere. Lets choose your ideal hamper and send it to your families and friends with the blessing!

Brand: Hong Kong Flower Shop Model: HKF-2874
A Chocolate Hamper with Toblerone Triangle Chocolate, Lindor Milk Chocolate, Lindor Assorted Chocolate, Cheese Sticks, Grape Jiuce , Potato Chips and Fruits Tea ..
HK$1,055.00 HK$985.00
Christmas and New Year Festive Season Featured Gourmet Gift Baskets
-22 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-2983
Christmas and New Year festive season featured gourmet gift baskets are the best choice. Hampers decent packaging, food sections include: Cookies, Shortbread English, Italian Christmas cake, chocolate, baking peanuts, drinks, memorable...
HK$1,355.00 HK$1,055.00
Christmas Basket
-17 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-2985
Christmas Basket include butter, sugar, Belgium chocolates, Blue Diamond nuts, potato chips, Lindt chocolates, fruit juice, coffee, Christmas decoration..
HK$1,185.00 HK$985.00
Christmas Box
-12 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: MAS-3547
Barry Gold Tea Bags, Iced & Marz 6in X'mas Cake, Roses Tin, Cadbury's Milk Tray, Traditional Irish Plum Pudidng, Battys Tea Decaffeniated, Mr Kipling Mince Pies, Jacobs Afternoon Team Cadbury's Buttons Tube, Chivers Cranberry Sause, Paxo Sage and Onion Stuffing and Birds Strawberry T..
HK$1,205.00 HK$1,055.00
Christmas Carol
-19 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: MAS-3546
Discover classic Scottish food and drinks as well as a few surprise. An ideal Christmas gift hamper for couples and small group. Salmon and Dill pate with Walkers Highland Oatcakes will delight as part of evening drinks. Or deliciously crunchy Borders Dark Chocolate Ginger Biscuits, roasted and salt..
HK$1,555.00 HK$1,255.00
Christmas Chocolates and Biscuits Hamper
-13 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-2989
The Christmas Hamper contains 12 items with special collection chocolate in can, fruit bar chocolate, awfully chocolate chunky cookies, chocolate cereal balls, organic truffles dark chocolate, organic fruit puree, hamlet Belgium truffles, organic hard candy, Mon Village, France, Palmiers, pierre, bu..
HK$1,585.00 HK$1,385.00
Christmas Cider and Cookies Hamper
-17 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-2990
The Christmas Hamper contains 7 items, including container with Sparking Cider, cookies, chocolate cereal balls, Belgium crispy milk chocolate, organic hard candy, Xmas decor x 1, Xmas Doll x 1, gift wrapping with decorated Xmas Ribbon x 1, white v shape tall man-made leather hamper..
HK$1,155.00 HK$955.00
Christmas Eve
-11 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-3552
Gift Boutique fruit gift box is made of 8 types of fresh fruits, including(about 8-10 pcs): oriental pomelo, Japanese Aomori Apple, dragon fruits, crystal pear, USA apples,kiwi fruits, USA red grape, USA orange/pomelo, France Bordeaux AOC Wine, Godiva Milk Chocolate Pretzels, Cookies, Lindt Lindor c..
HK$2,785.00 HK$2,485.00
Christmas Festival
-15 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: MAS-3559
Turn your dream date into a reality by gifting this Amazing Fit and Active Gourmet Hamper when you are together and see the glow on your lovers face. The Basket is jammed with French Red Wine 75cl, Danish Cheese, Almond Cookies, Hershey's Cookies N Cream Nugget Box, mini Chocolate Wafers, Walker..
HK$1,005.00 HK$855.00
Christmas Fruits and Wine Godiva Chocolate Hamper
-19 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-2987
Gift Boutique fruit gift box is made of 8 types of fresh fruits, including